Monday, March 16, 2009

Shelters should never be exempt from the laws they propose

Dog laws are being proposed at a rapid rate around the country that relate to the standard of care, housing requirements, exercise requirements, and the like, yet interestingly enough, they all only apply to "Breeders"- shelters are exempt.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey should be advocating that ALL dogs should be given the same level of care- regardless of where they are currently housed. Oprah's Cocker Spaniel puppy, Ivan, just died of Parvo and his litter sister, Sadie, is fighting for her life after contracting Parvo at the Chicago area PAWS animal shelter. Animal shelters, which bring in many pets from un-known origin should be the FIRST places that these strict standards of care should be enacted. Breeders who have a resident population of dogs are far less likely to have diseases introduced than shelters are.

If your state is proposing new changes to the dog laws, please, make sure you visit your Lawmaker and let them know that shelters should NOT be exempt.

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