Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OK- HB 1332 Going for Vote March 5

ALERT - Oklahoma - HB1332 - Vote on March 5, 2009

From: Shelly Kuhn [mailto:nutz4gr@gmail.com]

Find the amended floor version of HB 1332 . There are some significant changes to this bill. Please read carefully. We are working on a preliminary analysis but want to be sure our interpretation is accurate before listing opinion.

This will be read on the House floor and we expect that it will be put to a vote on March 5, 2009.


Oklahoma Animal Interest Allianceemail: oaiasec@gmail.com

Oklahoma House of Representatives Contact Info
See who supports and who opposes this bill
Don't forget to contact those who oppose and thank them- remember, they are hearing from "the other side" too.
Sample letter

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Anonymous said...

This bill is nothing but control over another part of citizens lives. Some animal rights groups are the worst offenders for animal cruelty. The sport of dog showing will be greatly affected by this bills passage. Instead of the AR groups spending time, money protesting dog shows and other organized activities for animal owners there time could be better spent helping law enforcement, animal control employees identify prosecute to justice real puppy mill owners, dog fighting owners, dog collectors who let their dogs and other animals starve to death. Enforcement of the current laws already on record will take care of the majority offenders creating the problems. People organizing to "get even" because of a personal vendetta certainly cause great damage to the citizens of the great State of Oklahoma. Contact your local State Senator OPPOSING HB 1332. Money could be better spent for enforcing laws, education of the public concerning health and welfare of dogs and other animals.