Monday, March 16, 2009

NV- Multiple Bills introduced at once

SB 241
as introduced:
* would regulate anyone who wants to breed and sell dogs, regardless of the number.
* would require all breeders, regardless of how many dogs owned, to pay a $500 annual fee in order to breed and sell puppies.
* would also impose numerous other regulations and subject anyone who breeds and sells dogs to random inspections.
As written, SB 241 would:

Define "Breeder" as "a person who breeds cats or dogs for sale".
Require an annual application and $500 license fee for anyone who breeds cats or dogs for sale.
Require an inspection of "the premises upon which the breeder proposes to operate" prior to a license being granted and authorize the Nevada Department of Agriculture or any authorized representatives to conduct a records inspection at "all reasonable times." The bill is unclear as to whether these inspections could include private homes.
Prohibit breeding a single cat or dog beyond two litters during its lifetime.
Mandate microchipping of all dogs prior to sale.
Prohibit anyone who is not in compliance with a court order for child support from obtaining a breeder's license.
Include ambiguous exemptions for those who are housing domestic dogs or cats as pets or caring for another person's dog or cat in a home environment and those participating in the exhibition of dogs.

AB 15
As introduced:
*requires pet sellers, veterinarians and public parks to post notices of any local ordinances requiring sterilization of dogs or cats

SB 133
As introduced:
* expands the prohibitions under existing law to include a person who possesses any animal with the intent to use the animal in a fight with another animal or to engage in certain other acts that are prohibited under NRS 574.070. The bill, however, is under going amendment that will require
(1) an "operator" to provide specified minimum floor space calculated as
((6 inches+length of animal) squared) / 144 = required square footage. An animal 18 inches long would require 4 square feet. (6+18)=24 24*24=576 576/144=4 It prohibits stacking of cages.
(2) daily exercise periods totaling at least one hour for each dog in which the dog is removed from the primary enclosure and given free mobility for the entire exercise period by either leash walking or giving the dog access to a space at least four times the size of the primary enclosure. Mechanical exercise devices are prohibited.
(3) Requires annual veterinary exams and exams "prior to each attempt at breeding," prompt treatment of any illness or injury by a licensed veterinarian; and, "where needed, humane euthanasia to be performed only by a licensed veterinarian using techniques identified as “Acceptable”.
(4) Prohibits breeding consecutive heat cycles or breeding dogs younger than one year.
(5) Limits breeders to 50 or fewer breeding animals.
----- Note the above provisions are not yet officially published ---

SB 132
As introduced:
*this bill prohibits a person from tethering, chaining, tying or otherwise restraining a dog using a device that is less than 12 feet in length or for more than 9 hours during a 24-hour period or from placing a dog in an outdoor enclosure for more than 9 hours during a 24-hour period unless the dog weighs a specified amount and the enclosure is a certain size.

To be used longer than 9 hours the pen must be at least 60 square feet for dogs under 20 pounds, 120 square feet for dogs under 60 pounds, 160 square feet for dogs under 100 pounds, and 200 square feet for dogs over over 100.

It exempts a dog that is: (1) being treated by a veterinarian; (2) being used for hunting or being trained to hunt; (3) participating in a dog show; (4) being kept in a shelter or boarding facility or temporarily in a camping area; (5) temporarily being cared for during a rescue operation; or (6) being used as part of an agricultural operation.

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