Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OR- Pit Bull Ban will go no further, lawmaker says

Pit Bull Ban will go no further, lawmaker saysBy KATU.com Staff Video SALEM, Ore. -
Proposed pit bull legislation that drew a passionate response from people on both sides of the issue will not be pushed any further, according to the Senator who introduced the bill.

"From the outpouring of interest I have received over the past few days, I have learned that pit bulls are beloved pets, friends and family members," Sen. Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) said in a statement released on Monday. "Most pit bulls and their owners are caring and responsible. I have no intention of pushing legislation that would threaten pit bulls or the rights of their owners."

The bill, which would have made owning a pit bull illegal in Oregon and would have even called for the dogs to be euthanized, hadn't made it to the Senate floor. You can read the draft here.
"I introduced Senate Bill 667 on behalf of a constituent," Sen. Starr said in his statement. "As the voice of my constituents in the state legislature, I make myself and the service of bill introduction available to them so their ideas can be heard in the legislative process. I may not always agree with the bills they request, but see it as my responsibility to make sure they have an opportunity to advocate for their ideas before the legislature."

Pit bull ownership has been a controversial topic in Oregon for the past several years. On one side, those who own the dogs say they are loving animals just like any other pet. On the other side are the folks who fear the breed and believe there should be protections in place.

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