Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you agree with this person?

Dallas-Fort Worth (TX) dog breeders' bark grow louder on ordinances
This comment was left by cpeterjon:
" Breeders only care about MAKING MONEY breeding and selling dogs, and their narrow little world.

Breeders do NOT care for public safety nor the welfare of dogs.

Breeders like Judy Cerney are NOT "hobbyists," as they like to claim.

They make significant amounts of money BREEDING AND SELLING DOGS, taking advantage of an almost complete lack of regulation.

And being unlicensed and off the record means there is no accounting for their income, taxes paid (or rather NOT paid!), etc

It's lucrative, no matter what Judy and others like her mouth about the "fancy."

So "hobbyist" breeders sure don't want to have to get licensed, and oh! oh! they HAVE been running a business and not paying taxes.

That's why they want no regulation.

Also, AKC makes most of its money REGISTERING PUPPY MILL dogs. Do a google search for "akc puppy mills."

like http://www.bogartsdaddy.com/Bouvier/Bouv_Pages/article-inquire-puppymills-AKC.htm

The AKC wants to protect its puppy mill business partners, because regulation means that AKC may not make as much money from those puppy mills.

And that money pays for DOG SHOWS and events that the so-called "fanciers" or "hobbyists" take advantage of and help sell & promote their dogs.

This is all about the selfish, greedy world of breeder money-making, and breeders who want to max that money-making by being unregulated.

They want to try to maintain the illusion that they are just innocent "hobbyists."

Well, this is all about the MONEY, pure and simple.

And an example is the sheer number of breeders posting here with the usual nonsense opposing regulation.

These people belong to organized BUSINESS LOBBIES. AKC spends millions hiring professional lobbyists precisely to do things like deceive reporters and legislators."

Strenthening Pet Ordinances In Texas:
Cities throughout North Texas and the country are examining stricter pet laws. The city of Plano recently considered certain restrictions, including:

Requiring cleanup. Pet owners must visibly have pooper-scoopers or other cleanup materials when walking their animals. Passed.

Limiting number of pets. Single-family homes can have a maximum of 10 adult animals unless a permit is obtained. Residents of multifamily dwellings can keep a maximum of five animals. Passed.

Limiting tethering. Owners are prohibited from tethering their pets to a stationary object, except in certain circumstances. Passed .

Lowering spay/neuter age. Dogs, cats and ferrets must be spayed or neutered and implanted with microchips at 4 months old. Under consideration.

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