Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If Animals should be treated like people- then should people be treated like Animals?

“Animal Rights” organizations want animals to be treated like humans, then it is time we started treating humans like animals?????

I. Overpopulation-
II. Abandonment
A. Shelters (animals)
B. Adoption Agencies (humans)
C. Children’s Services
D. Jail
III. Breeding
A. Who can breed?
IV. Zoning type laws
A. should children grow up in cities?
B. Should a parent need enough land to support the child they are raising?
V. “Dangerous” dog / people laws
A. should certain segments of our human population not be allowed to have children?
B. Should certain races of people be charged a higher rate of insurance?
1. Pet owners will certain breeds have to pay more for insurance
VI. Conclusion
A. Why should we hold animals to a higher standard?
A. It is preposterous to propose law on who should have children and who should not
B. It is preposterous to think that people who live in cities should not have children
C. It is preposterous to think that one race should be charged more for insurance than another

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