Monday, March 23, 2009

20/20 Documetary "Cruelty to Owners"

Thank you ABC for doing the work to show EVERYONE that YES!!! Some SPCAs DO Steal Dogs. It is a conflict of interest that any SPCA be able to confiscate animals and then SELL them.

In TX the SPCA worker makes $80,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABC News 20/20 Documentary "Cruelty to Owners", Part 1

ABC News 20/20 Documentary "Cruelty to Owners", Part 2

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Marguerite said...

This aired about two years ago. More recently, ABC aired an "expose" like the BBC show that makes breeders look like modern day Dr. Mengeles. You can read about the show here:

The people associated with this show cherry picked the most damning quotes from the many people they interviewed in order to make it look like breeders only care about winning and will sacrifice dogs health, temperament and longevity to win.