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Puppy Mill Bills Across The Nation

Puppy Mill Bills Across the Nation
Contributed by Tammy Miller - Posted: February 27, 2009 4:58:24 PM

Thanks to Columbus Top out of Ohio, I'm getting regular legislative updates from its home state and from across the country.
There is a surprising level of activity on the issue of puppy mills. Here's the latest roundup on legislation that might affect mass breeders ...

Colorado - Bill introduced January 21 to limit the number of dogs breeders could maintain has been tabled.
If it comes back up, it could also mandate regular veterinary exams and prohibit those convicted of animal cruelty from gaining a breeder license.
Connecticut - The state could pass new regulations that allow double-the-money-back from stores that sell pets found to have chronic diseases or disabilities.
Illinois - Bill introduced January 19 know as Chloe's Bill. If passed it would create a Dog Breeder License Act, which would limit the number of breeding dogs to 20 for each breeder.
And -
- Prevent those convicted of felony animal abuse from obtaining a breeding license.
- Require dog breeders to house dogs in areas heated, cooled and vented - without wire flooring.
- Require stores and breeders to provide buyers with full medical histories and spay/neuter information.
Indiana - House Bill 1468 defines a commercial breeder those whelping more than 10 litters in any 12-month period. It might also ...
- Limit breeding dogs to 30 per location.
- Require registration with the state.
- Exercise once per day.
- Maintenance of sanitary conditions and proper ventilation and natural light.
- Require commercial breeder to offer a guarantee.
- Set veterinary care standards and limits on litters a breeding female can whelp each year.
This bill passed easily in the Indiana House and is set to go a Senate committee.
Montana - Columbus Top Dogs reports 189 dogs were seized from a mill in December, which prompted the introduction of an anti-hoarding bill.
Breeders with 20 or more adult dogs could be required to register with the state and submit to annual, surprise inspections.
Nebraska - Bill introduced on February 2 could by April, 2010 limit commercial breeders to 75 dogs over the age of four months. It could also set standards for breeding ages and establish standards for living conditions.
Ohio - A new bill is in the works similar to the one introduced in Indiana.
Folks in the animal welfare movement are hoping to introduce a ballot initiative in 2009 to ban dog auctions.
Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Pet Quality Assurance and Protection Act (HB 1332) has made it out of a committee vote and next goes to the full House.
This act mandates USDA standards for kennels sending out over 25 dogs, cats, kittens or puppies each year. Cage minimum standards are included.
Pennsylvania - A house bill has pass with a 192-0 vote. This one impose criminal penalties for medical procedures not performed by a licensed vet - including c-sections, tail docking and surgeries to stop barking.
It now goes to the Senate.
Tennessee - HB 386 would require any breeder with more than 20 animals to pay a $500 licensing fee to the state. More than 40 animals increases the fee to $1,000. A mandatory inspection program is also established with minimum standards for care and housing.
Another bill might prohibit public animal sales such as those in parking lots and along the roadside. It would also prohibit the use of live animals as prizes for contests, raffles or promotion and restrict sales at flea markets.
Washington - Bills are being considered to regulate large breeders and to set humane standards such as limits to the number of dogs and standards for care and housing.
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