Friday, February 27, 2009

Shelter animals transferred from one shelter to another to help fulfill a "wish list"

Shelter animals from Kern County transferred to SLO County
Nearly two dozen dogs from a Kern County animal shelter will be transferred to the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter because of continued higher than normal vacancy rates.

Local shelter staff will receive 21 puppies and small adult dogs from the Bakersfield Animal Shelter that will be available for adoption.

"This exchange of animals benefits residents of [SLO County] by providing them with the opportunity to adopt smaller dogs and puppies which are not commonly available in our local shelters which simultaneously helping neighboring Kern County avoid the unnecessary euthanasia of several savable animals" according to a news release from SLO County's Animal Services Division.
This is the third transfer of animals to the local shelter.

Many of the dogs were selected to fulfill a "wish list" left with the local Animal Services Dept. from residents who had been unable to find the specific type of dog they wanted to adopt.

Many of the animals, ranging from Chihuahuas to Shepherd mix puppies, will be available for adoption beginning today.

--Sona Patel

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