Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad laws break up families- force owners to give up dogs they otherwise would be keeping

Today I got an email from a friend that had been forwarded from someone she knew. The email was a plea for help. It was asking for help finding a home for a 5 year old "pit bull". The owner was in the military and was moving to on-base housing and there is a ban on "pit bulls" on base. The email went on to say what a great dog this is, how much the owner loved the dog, and that he really wanted to find a good home for this dog.

Imagine- this guy has had this dog for 5 years and now, because of some PERCEIVED problem, he is forced to give the dog up.

It reminded me of another situation where one of my former neighbors gave up her adult Rottweiler because (a different neighbor) kept calling the police on her every time the dog was barking. This dog was a family pet, but would bark a lot while he was outside playing with the kids. The town we lived in (I have since moved) had a "noise ordinance" and one man in the neighborhood was a real jerk. The police only knew two options, 1st- we fine you for a violation of the noise ordinance, and 2nd- the dog must go.

There was another option to the "Dog must go"- the dog could have been "bark softened" "debarked"- what ever term you call it. This very, very simple procedure could have kept an adult dog with his family.

If you have not gotten the Animal Rights message Loud and Clear- eliminate animal ownership- then you are not listening.

Right now many states, (Massachusetts and Pennsylvania to name two) are reviewing laws that would make procedures such as "debarking" illegal. Many states (Hawaii and Montana to name two) are reviewing breed specific legislation. These laws only cause families to give up dogs that were otherwise beloved pets. THEN the Animal Rights groups have the nerve to cry, "our shelters are over-flowing and we are forced to kill thousands of dogs a year"- Yeah- well it is YOUR PROPOSED LAWS that are the REASONS for many, many, many of these dogs in shelters to begin with.

The Human Society of the United States (HSUS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PeTA), and some of the very liberal "local" shelters have a great circle going- fund and propose laws that cause dogs to go to shelters, raise money from people while you claim there are too many dogs, get money by adopting those dogs out-use volunteer labor, reduced or donated Veterinary care to reduce the expense of housing shelter dogs, lobby for more legislation.

Lets keep family dogs in their families. Put a stop to ill-conceived dog laws. Contact your ELECTED representive now.

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