Friday, February 20, 2009

HSUS Gushes Over New "Creature Caucus" in Congress

HSUS Gushes Over New “Creature Caucus” in Congress
Group of Congressmen to Advocate Animal Rights Agenda
US Sportsmen's Alliance

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) couldn’t be happier with
the formation of a new group of Congressmen that will promote its agenda.

On February 18, U.S. Representatives Jim Moran (D- VA) and Elton Gallegy
(R- CA) announced the formation of a new Congressional Animal Protection
. The goal of the group is to get like-minded members of Congress
together and promote animal rights policy in Washington, D.C. through
forums and briefings.

According to the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), the legislative
wing of the HSUS, the new caucus will “take lawmaking for the animals to
the next level.” HSLF went on to gush in its blog, “we could not be more
excited about their leadership of this new organization of humane

HSUS President and CEO, Wayne Pacelle was also prominently quoted in
Rep. Moran’s press release announcing the caucus’ formation.

Pacelle stated, “The newly constituted Congressional Animal Protection
Caucus will help better align our federal policies with public opinion,
and we are excited to work closely with its leaders and with the entire
Congress to combat cruelty and abuse."

As of press time, a full list of other U.S. Representatives joining the
caucus was not available. However, the USSA will let sportsmen know as
the names become available. Each member of the caucus should be
contacted by constituents in their districts.

Representatives should be made aware of HSUS’ radical anti-hunting
agenda. They also need to be aware that sportsmen expect their
representatives not to cow tow to that agenda.

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