Thursday, February 26, 2009

CA- Newly introduced Bill- SB 250 relating to mandatory Spay/neuter


INTRODUCED BY Senator Florez

On FEBRUARY 24, 2009

If passed,
This bill would provide, in addition,
*that no person may own,keep, or harbor an unaltered and unspayed dog, except as specified.
*It would make it is unlawful for any person who owns, keeps, or
harbors any unspayed or unaltered cat 6 months of age or older to
allow or permit that unspayed or unaltered cat to remain outdoors.
* It would require an owner or custodian of an unaltered cat to have the
animal spayed or neutered, or provide a certificate of sterility.
*It would allow an unaltered dog license to be denied, revoked, and
reapplied for, as specified, and the licensing agency to utilize its
existing procedures for any appeal of a denial or revocation of an
unaltered dog license
*This bill would require an owner or custodian who offers any
unaltered dog or cat for sale, trade, or adoption to meet specified
*It would permit an administrative citation, infraction,
or other authorized penalty for a violation of certain provisions to
be imposed only if the owner or custodian is concurrently cited for
another violation under state or local law, as specified.
* It would require, if an unaltered dog or cat is impounded pursuant to state or
local law, the owner or custodian to meet specified requirements,
including paying the costs of impoundment.
*It would require all costs, fines, and fees collected under the bill to be paid to the licensing agency for the purpose of defraying the cost of the
implementation and enforcement of the bill.
* By creating new crimes and imposing new duties on local animal control agencies, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program upon local governments.

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Anonymous said...

I belive that they need to come up with a spay neuter law that wouldnt penilize the responsible pet owners. There is alot of irresponsible pet owners out there yes, but there are more responsible ones. Most of the animal owners affected by bills like this are responsible pet owners and i hope that we all band agianst them. the person who came up with this is probably a member of PETA and what PETA does not tell you that 90 percent of the animals taken away from pet owners every day due to abuse are actually put down. and when you donate to these organizations it does not go to helping the animals it goes to their corperate executives to pay their wages. if you want to make a difference adopt a dog or cat but putting a law like this into effect is going to make it to where no one is able to even own a pet anymore in the whole state.

Diane said...

Why does the solution have to involve some sort of mandatory spay law? The whole shelter system needs reform. They make the problem look 500% worse than it actually is. If shelters would join the 21st century, they would be open evenings, they would be open weekends also, they would do outreach adoptions all over the community they serve, they would comport themselves as if they were there to save animals, not kill them, stop designing shelters to look like death camps, have truly affordable and also free spay/neuter clinics in ALL locations. Please call your senator & tell them to stop this nonsense of SB 250! Stop drinking the HSUS/PETA koolaid.