Monday, February 2, 2009

MA- An Act Prohibiting Devocalization of Dogs and Cats

Bill number not available at this time.
Democratic state Rep. Lida Harkins of Needham introduced “An Act Prohibiting Devocalization of Dogs and Cats” earlier this month. The bill, drafted by the Animal Law Coalition of Ithaca, N.Y., seeks to limit devocalization, more commonly known as “debarking,” a procedure in which an animal’s vocal cords are cut to quiet them. If it passes, the law would only allow such a procedure if it was deemed medically necessary. State Rep. Sarah Peake, a Democrat from Provincetown who represents the 4th Barnstable District, said she plans to sign on as a co-sponsor by the Feb. 4 deadline and will vote to stop this “cruel process....”

Does anyone else see a problem with the fact that this Act was drafted by a special interest group?

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