Friday, February 20, 2009

NY- A05507 Restricts Cat and Dog Breeding

Asy. Greg Ball (R-Brewster) renewed his proposal to heavily regulate
NYS dog and cat breeders. A05507 seeks to make major changes
that will impact both commercial and home/hobby dog and cat breeders,
particularly through the new category of "animal facility" but also
through lowering the number of dogs or cats permitted to be sold or
offering for sale by home/hobby breeders.

Commercial kennels are defined as any facility which sells a single
to a "pet dealer", or that sells or transfers more than 60 dogs per

Note that this year the bill has acquired significant cosponsorship--

Cosponsors: Spano, Tobacco, Townsend, Burling, Walker, Raia, Errigo,
Camara, Giglio, Molinaro, Alfano, Mayersohn, Lavine, Saladino, Finch

Multisponsors: Calhoun, Conte, Hayes, Kolb, McDonough, McKevitt,
Quinn, Rivera J, Scozzafava, Seminerio, Thiele, Towns, Weisenberg

A few of the many significant provisions of A5507:

--Redefines "pet dealer" to mean anyone who sells or advertises for
sale more than FIVE dogs or cats per year. Home/hobby breeders are
exempted if they sell or advertise for sale fewer than TEN (down from
25) animals per year that are born and raised at their residence.

--Defines and regulates "animal facilities". Under the
proposal, "animal facility" means a place where dogs or cats are bred,
maintained, sold or given away that provides an area where dogs or
cats may be sold, offered for sale, transferred or given away.

Note: I believe this broad new category would cover virtually any
kennel or breeder's premises of any size or type, pet shops, and
possibly even boarding and "doggy-daycare" facilities.

Animal facilities

--Allows NYS to seize animals at an animal facility found in violation
of regulations and place them at an animal shelter or vet's office,
with owner to cover the expenses.

--Prohibits the sale, giving away, or transfer of cats or dogs that
have been kept or bred "inhumanely" or that are the product of
breeding "in excess that causes health problems."

--Establishes that mandatory "humane treatment standards"

--Establishes that after a violation is found, a veterinarian must
certify that "animal facilities" are in compliance with federal, state
and local animal care regulations before the animal facility may

Additional regulations for commercial kennels

--Under the proposal, commercial kennels are facilities which either
sell more than 60 dogs per year, or that sell a single dog to a "pet

--Defines and establishes lengthy, onerous standards of care
for "commercial kennels". (see text of proposal for details)

--Establishes that required commercial kennel annual inspections, or
responses to complaints against commercial kennels, may be done by
police officers or peace officers with training in the care of dogs
and cats and the investigation of animal cruelty.

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