Friday, February 15, 2008

We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

By: Robin Cannon

"We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!"

Dog lovers everywhere should be shouting this mantra from the rooftops today: as it is a sad day for our society, and our dogs.

Another part of our great country fell today to the propaganda being spouted by the Animal Rightists...Palm Beach County, Florida. Just a few days ago, it was the "City of Angels" herself, Los Angeles, CA. And as of this writing, the final vote there will take place on February 12, 2008. "What's the deal?", you ask. Read on. (NOTE: As of February 12, 2008, the city of Los Angeles, CA, one of the largest cities in the United States, has passed their mandatory spay/castrate law.)

Mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) laws (laws designed to end "pet overpopulation" by forcing law abiding dog owners to castrate their animals or be a criminal) are being proposed and passed faster than we can keep up with. Sad. Considering that we, the breeders, owners, exhibitors, and pet owners, outnumber the Animal Rights (AR) fanatics proposing such laws. We all have a voice, a mind...a thinking, reasoning brain! Why is it increasingly so easy for "them" (the Animal Rightists) to have their lies and propaganda swallowed and accepted as the "gospel"? Have we, the American voters, put into office, people so dense that they can't see a constitutional violation when it smacks 'em upside their heads? Is the American public that gullible as well, that we are willing to let our rights to own property be taken away? Sad.

The answer to the first question is fairly easy to answer: the ARs have had since the 1980's to get their act together, spreading the "overpopulation" myth to lawmakers and the gullible, trusting public. "Give us your money! We will save the animals!" They warned us they were here...they spoke of their "true" agenda. An agenda so outlandish that we all laughed at the notion of a "no pet nation", and "animal liberation" for all animals, including DOGS! To put their "agenda" in the simplist form: Animal Rightists believe that no animal (cow, dog, cat, horse, rat, etc) should be "enslaved" or "used" by mankind, for anything: not for food, not for companionship,not for clothing, not for entertainment,not for hunting, not for herding, and not for dog shows. To the ARs, "we" (humans) are no better, nor more superior, than the common sewer rat. All animals should "live free and die free". While going about our daily routines, ignoring the ketchup throwing, loud-mouthed "nuts", at the forefront was PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals), an extremist group that thrived on media attention to further their "don't wear fur" and "animals aren't food"...blah, blah...They were so "out there" to the majority of JQ Public, that we ignored them, or laughed when a T.V. station showed their latest antics. But the money still rolled the millions. "Just a little more time, and we can put our plan in motion against the unsuspecting, trusting, gullible pet owning public. Step by step", as they smiled their smug little smiles.

Enter into the picture H$U$ (Humane Society of the United States), what a lot of people call "PeTa in a suit and tie", or the "cleaned up for Sunday dinner" version of their counterpart in crime, PeTa. While PeTa was raking in millions from the Hollyweird jet-set, and the public, H$U$ had a more "warm, fuzzy wuzzy All-American" appeal, designed to rake in the BILLIONS from the Average Joe Pet Owner and Average Joe Pet Lover. The plan worked. Two of the most dangerous Animal Right's groups to ever set foot on God's green earth had the money rolling in from ALL facets of American society: from the obscenely weathly, to the middle class dog owner, they were building an empire with which to carry out their ultimate dream: End ALL pet ownership. Again, we laughed at this notion, all the while sending in those donations for those cute little return address labels.

I must mention at this point that NEITHER organization operates an animal shelter, nor assists shelter animals. Oh, wait! Unless you want to count the "death shelter" PeTa operates in Virginia at which over 12,000 dogs and cats were euthanized and ONLY *12* animals were "adopted out" during 2006, according to documents PeTa filed with the state of Virginia, as is required of their "501(c)3" status. The donations sent in for the past several decades has all gone to lobbying, paying lavish salaries to employees, and spouting their "overpopulation" and "abuse" propaganda. H$U$ kept a lower profile than PeTa, making them more acceptable to the average American pet owner. All they had to do was release another video of a "puppymill" raid to the media, showing doggies in cages and deplorable conditions, and the money rolled in again. Throw in a few comments from the local shelter of choice stating how "overcrowded" they are...and BAM! Public sympathy and dough out the ying-yang!

So now we've had several decades of "overpopulation" brainwashing: video upon video of dogs being used as personal ATMs living in filth, along with the gradual addition of "all breeders are evil and greedy, not just the "puppymills" and "backyard breeders" and my personal favorite, "Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die!"...and eventually someone had to say it: "There oughtta be a law! Some way to STOP it all! Stop the senseless murder of shelter animals!" In strolls the ARs..."We have a solution! Pass a law that mandates castration at 16 weeks of age (since most dogs are capable of being bred at an early age) for ALL dogs!" And the "overpopulation" problem is solved! What???? Someone in the government is FORCING me to have a surgical procedure done on MY dog? What if I don't want to??? What if I can't afford it?? What if I can't afford the astronomically high dollar "intact animal" permit?? Ahhh, then you are deemed a criminal if you do not abide, and, gee, if you can't afford such a procedure, then, well, you'll have to surrender your dog to the shelter!

But wait! Aren't the shelters overcrowded already? What will happen to my dog if I surrender it? If all the dogs are castrated, who will breed the service dogs, and police dogs, and drug dogs and the quality bred purebreds? Why, that's simple! There won't be any! And they begin to see their decades of work of spreading propaganda pay off!.....

When are we going to wake up and take back control of our RIGHTS and our PROPERTY? When are we going to wake up and join forces and take back what is rightfully ours? Do you wait until the floodwater is lapping at your own door before you begin to try to save your property? Sadly, that has what has happened to our rights when it comes to our dogs. We have all sat back and watched as cities and states have been taken over by the lies of overpopulation. And now we're ALL drowning in it. Some people simply looked the other way, while others decided that since it wasn't "their city or their state", it wasn't "their problem" and "that law will never pass!" For those who continue to bury their heads in the proverbial sand, can you say , "Lousiville, Ky", "Albuquerqe, New Mexico", "The entire STATE OF MAINE!"???? Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin! These laws are a REAL threat to our dogs and our Constitutional Rights! Why do we as dog OWNERS continue to sit on our haunches? Are we lazy? Or are we still living under the delusion that this is America and our "government" won't let something that silly pass???

The time is now. Now is the time to stand up and get mad! Get Proactive! Spend just a measly 5 minutes per week writing, emailing or faxing the powers that be in whatever state is under fire! Don't wait until it's "your dog", stand up NOW and make your voice heard! Dog owners outnumber the ARs by the hundreds of thousands! Imagine what a difference we could ALL make by taking 5 minutes out of a WEEK to write a letter! Imagine further if we banded together as a single voice and turned the tables on them! Stand up for YOUR dogs, YOUR rights, get active! Donate to groups that are working hard on OUR side, such as PetPac, or the ACF, or We The People Pets! (and numerous others) The only people that are going to save OUR dogs is US!

Shout out:

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

For more information on how to take back YOUR rights or the "AR Agenda", please visit the following websites: (Peta Kills Animals) (Pet-Law, learn how to protect YOUR rights) (American Canine Foundation) (Fighting MSN) (We The People)

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The Jennarator said...

Um, the peta kills website is founded by CCF, which is funded by the junk food, tobacco, and fast food industries. The peta kills case folks were acquitted. And we aren't against companion animals, we are against the need to euthanize 8 million cats and dogs every year because people let their pets get knocked up and can't provide homes for the animals. We just want to stop animal suffering. Are you really "better" than a rat? What did the rat do to you? Why can't we just be different, and let the animals alone? They don't want to be in shows, or beaten, or have their tails docked or be skinned alive. Most of us at PETA have adopted animals and love them like children. We are real people, who work 18 hour days to get more people to open their minds to the cruel world for animals. These days, there are more compassionate, more eco-friendly ways to clothe, feed, and entertain ourselves without exploiting others - so why not leave the animals out of it?