Thursday, February 14, 2008

Directly from VA House Bill 538

§ 3.1-796.77:3. Right of entry.

A. The Commissioner, the State Veterinarian or his assistant, any animal control officer, and any public health or safety official employed by the locality where a commercial breeder resides or maintains breeding operations may, upon receiving a complaint or upon his own motion, investigate any violation of the provisions of this chapter. Such investigation may include (i) the inspection of the books and records of any commercial breeder, (ii) the inspection of any companion animal owned by the commercial breeder, and (iii) the inspection of any place where animals are bred or maintained. In conducting the inspection, the Commissioner or animal control officer may enter any premises where animals may be bred or maintained during daytime hours.

B. Any commercial breeder who is the subject of an investigation by the Commissioner, the State Veterinarian, or an animal control officer shall, upon request, provide assistance to the Commissioner or the animal control officer in making any inspection authorized by this section.

Commentary on this portion:
Anyone who breeds dogs and maintains those dogs in the home will be required to allow animal control to enter your home during daytime hours. This bill dose not specify if you need to be home or not. The wording of this is vague enough that an animal control officer who is a jerk will just enter your home regardless, and state that they are allowed to do so. Well, the only way around that may be to build an actual kennel- and that is not the purpose for many who love and breed purbred dogs.

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