Friday, February 15, 2008

Children's dreams are no longer an option to them

The HSUS is currently working hard (and fairly effectively) to make animal breeding (of all animals), animal consumption, and animal ownership illegal too. THIS is why I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to HSUS. How odd that we live in "The land of the Free" but something as benign as having a litter of puppies will be illegal in many states, institutionalized in many states, regulated by the government in all states.

For those of you with children- if your children dream of someday living a life of animal husbandry, you might as well tell them that those dreams are no longer an option and please "choose a dream from one of the following acceptable categories" (as always- to be determined by special interest groups and our government)

So- my objection is not about cracking down on abuse or cruelty- my objection is 100% about HSUS and the threat they pose to my dogs. Odd isen't it? The HSUS is a threat to "man's best friend"? That is not what they will tell you, but yes, they want us ALL to live in an animal free world, (or as they would say, a "free animal" world)- but that is not the world that I want to live in. What world do you want to live in?

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