Friday, August 17, 2007

Defending Dog- a good website on BSL

To find out where BSL is being proposed across the country
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Breed Specific Legislation or "BSL" is exactly what it sounds like...regulation of your right to own or, in many cases, not own, a dog based solely on the breed or "type" of dog - not your responsibility as an owner. BSL can also refer to regulations and/or requirements placed only on a specific breed of dog and their owners.

No matter how you define it, BSL targets all dogs of a breed -- the innocent as well as the guilty, and it removes the responsibility from the dog's owner and towards the dog itself. Simple common sense tells you that laws are created to punish or deter the actions of humans - not those of animals.

Laws are being proposed every day that are intended to take away our rights to own particular dogs for no reason other than their breed - the way they look, the hype that surrounds them. BSL is the politician's inadequate and uneducated band-aid solution to address the gushing "wound" of irresponsible ownership and lack of personal accountability.

We made a lot of strides in 2006, including the Appellate Court ruling in Toledo v. Tellings (which has now been appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio). In addition, we made our collective voices heard and won several battles against BSL across the country. Click here to see the 2006 victories.
I certainly don't claim to be an "expert" on BSL, I am simply a concerned pit bull owner who wants to help other owners of dogs targed by breed discrimination. For me personally, the fight against BSL is incredibly intimidating, so I hope this helps and encourages people to stand up for their rights and their dogs.

This site was created to support the FightBSL Yahoo group:

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