Monday, August 6, 2007

"All American Dog" Under Attack com/watch? v=xdY9Z5ub9xw# comment
Please EVERYONE watch this video and join us to stop Breed Specific Laws that have made our All American Dog the first victim of the animal rights' agendas. It is ironic, America's very own breed is the first to be attacked and eliminated. A breed whose traits represent the tenacity, work ethic and loyalty of the American people. We must stand behind this breed before the knock at the door is for our own beloved pets and breeds.We can NEVER let another Denver happen again in America. Step up to the plate my fellow American pet lovers and let's swing this AR agenda OUT OF THE BALLPARK forever! Please help us get signatures for our ROAR direct initiative referendum (soon to be ready for dispersal to all California counties). Let me know if you or your organization will help get signatures in your area. www.wethepeopleusa. us (ROAR tab)I can only hope other states also step up to the plate for their swing. Thank you very much,Diane Amble, Once a Beloved Owner of a Beloved American Pit Bull Terrier "Boots"
P.S. PLEASE Pass this email and video to all friends and family!

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