Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Breeds, mixes, "look-a-Likes" All BANNED

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Updates Current as of August 5, 2007

BSL Passed - McFarland, Kansas Passed BSL against the following breeds:
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Terrier
Bull Terrier
Dogo Argentino
Presa CanarioVizla
Dogue de Bordeux
Cane Corso
(and any dog resembling the above named breeds)

Southgate, Kentucky Already had BSL. Council voted unanimously to add"pit bull mixes" in addition to "purebred" pit bulls.

Spencer, South Dakota Passed BSL with respect to the following breeds:
Pit bulls
Blue Heelers
Wolves (wolf hybrids)

Beebe, Arkansas Passed a ban on "pit bulls" and vicious dogs.
Owners have until August 23 to comply with the restrictions of the ordinance.
**Of note, according to Police Chief Don Inns, the city "does not have any more attacks with pit bulls than other breeds."

Canton, Ohio Passed ordinance restricting pit bulls. A pit bull is now considered vicious simply because of the breed,and doesn't have to engage in violent behavior.

South Pittsburg, Tennessee City passed a ban on pit bulls. The ordinance states pit bulls have a "genetic predisposition to aggressiveness" that makes the breed dangerous.

Union County, Kentucky A new ordinance makes it more expensive to own pitbulls and wolf hybrid dogs. UPDATES(Click on city for contact and additional information)

Jackson, Alabama According to the city clerk, the city is considering a non-breed specific ordinance. We may want to keep an eye on this as the newspaper article stated the dirctor of animal control was asked to come up with a list of breeds considered dangerous by the next city council meeting.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Considering a ban on pit bulls.

Cabot, Arkansas A breed specific ordinance is pending. They are currently "changing the wording." The issue is no texpected to come up until September or October.

Batesville, Arkansas The pit bull ordinance has been tabled FOR NOW.

Manila, Arkansas The pit bull ordinance has been tabled. They are going to try enforce the current vicious dog ordinance.

Ward, Arkansas A pit bull ban is currently being considered. City officials are concerned they will become a "dumping ground" for pit bulls as every city in the county has a pit bull ordinance.

Lonoke County, Arkansas The sheriff is pushing a county wide pit bull ban.

Little Rock, Arkansas Officials from Calgary, Canada worked with Little Rock officials in an effort to get them to reconsider a banon pit bulls. The ban is tabled, but Little Rock is still looking at restrictions for pit bulls.

Dover, Delaware The city is considering expanding their list of dangerous dogs to include rottweilers, dobermans, akitas, chows and mastiffs.

Crossville, Illinois REPEALED BSL! (BSL prohibited by state law)

Westville, Illinois
According to the mayor, the local newpaper staff"misinterpretted" the city council meeting minutes andpublished a story that the city was considering a pitbull ban. Per the mayor, the city is not, nor has it ever been, considering BSL. (Thank you Westville!)


Wichita, Kansas Considering ban on pit bulls.

Louisville, Kentucky Reviewing the dangerous dog ordinance passed earlier this year.

Sulphur, Louisana The proposed pit bull ban will be addressed at theAugust 13 city council meeting.

Massachusetts (State wide)Researching the possibility of a state wide pit bullban.

Minnesota (State wide) Gearing up to propose a state wide ban on five breeds.

Laurel, Mississippi The city council is considering a pit bull ban

St. Ann, Missouri Considering an ordinance that would target breeds deemed dangerous, and specifically targeting pit bulls.

Lexington, Oklahoma Researching the possibility of a pit bull ban.

Reading, Pennsylvania Reading is looking to push up the start date of a dangerous dog ordinance specific to pit bulls. To beconsidered dangerous, a breed has to be responsiblefor 40 percent or more of the bites within a year. Sofar- pit bulls account for more than 60 percent of the dog bites in Reading.

Sumpter County, South Carolina The city clerk is out until next week. I could not get any information on what the county is considering.

Warden, Washington TABLED proposed pit bull ban!

Bluefield, West Virginia Looking at a "proactive" ordinance on pit bulls. Several phone calls and e-mails to the city clerk have not been returned.

OF NOTE Tellings v. Toledo The Ohio Supreme Court overturned the appellate court's ruling. In doing so, the court opined that breed specific legislation was not unconstitutional. Armed with his new "victory," Tom Skeldon now plans to introduce mandatory spay/neuter for pit bulls.

Fayetteville, Tennessee City pit bull ban went into effect on July 1, 2007. To date, 60 pit bulls have been surrendered because owners were unable to adhere to the new restrictions.

Springfield, Missouri Former city council woman Sheila Wright received one year of probation as part of a plea agreement in a vicious-dog complaint filed against her. Ms. Wrightwas one of the city council members who pushed for the city's ban on pit bulls. Ms. Wright and her husband own a Alaskan malamute that attacked a neighbor's dog on more than one occassion.


ashisbaby17 said...

Just to update on the new ordinance passed in Sumter County, South Carolina. The ordinance mainly attacks Pit Bulls labeling them as an aggressive breed. It requires owners to not own more than five Pit Bulls or Pit Bull "look alikes", register them as aggressive dogs and consent to spot inspections without a warrant, keep their dogs maintained in a 10ft X 10ft fence while on the property and no more than a 6ft leash with a muzzle when off the property. Sumter county councilman Eugene Baten who has been pushing the new ordinance has stated that if other breeds start to show trends in the dog fighting area or frequent bites he will add them to the aggressive breed list and the same will apply. These restrictions are rediculous and will only create more defensive and dangerous dogs rather than encouragind responsible pet ownership and socialized, well trained dogs.

sunn said...

hi, i was wondering if anyone knew which counties in SC had banned pitbulls???

julzp said...

i love pitbulls and im a responsible owner. banning pitbulls wont solve anything. it will only penalize good owners, the criminals will just have to be more sneaky! i love my dog, and nobody will take her away from me!

jaime777 said...

I currently own 2 mixes..Roxy, is a pitbull/lab/whippet and she is so gentle, my male, Connor is a pitbull/boxer mix, he is a 80lb lazy lap dog. I would sell my house and move before I would get rid of my dogs. To punish good owners for the recklessness of thugs who use them as symbols is just not right!!!

Anonymous said...

I am from Tuscaloosa,Alabama. I have to wonderful Pitt Bull Terriers named Sasha and Saydee.. These dogs are wonderful. I raised one from a bottle "Sasha" and got the other from a drug addict who was fighting her "Saydee" she is 2 years old and has been treated very badly and you couldn't ask for a better dog, Not all Pitt are mean. Taking away my dogs would be HELL. They are my family. If you ban Pitt's you need to ban ALL dog's that bite. I know there are bad dog's out there but not all of them are mean. If you stand by this law the people of Tuscaloosa Alabama that own Pitt bull's will be forced to put there dogs to sleep, because if we give them away we are taking chances again of them being taking to a person who fight or breed them. So the problem will never get solved.. Responsible owners will have to kill there dogs and criminals will still be sneaking around the laws, like always to continue to make there MONEY off these precious lives.. So think before you act.. The Owner of Wonderful Dogs
Christy. :)

Stephanie Scanlon - Mayflower, AR said...

I hate that just because some owners are bad owners, the government wants to take away our dogs! My pits are amazing, loving, caring dogs and yes, they are protective, but they are just that... protecting us. Since we're thinking about banning family oriented, protective dogs, why don't we add any dog in general. There are going to be bad owners that train their dogs to fight - labs, german shepherds, even Chihuahuas and yorkies. As much media as they get, I have yet to meet a mean pitbull. They're good dogs, doing what they're trained to do. PROTECT!

Anonymous said...

Ignorant, uninformed people who have no experience or understanding of these breeds have compiled incorrect statistics to ban some of the most loyal and wonderful breeds. There are no such things as "bully breeds" just cruel, terrible people who own them! Shame on you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I never knew all of these problems with pits until now. Me and my boyfriend aquired ours more than a year ago when his brother moved out of the home and could not bring him along. I can't find a place to rent because no one allows pit bulls! I was then told most home owner insurance policies don't allow pit bulls! I love the dog, but what in the hell are we supposed to do? We just want a back yard for them.