Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quotes from Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA's Founder and President

"I'm not only uninterested in having children. I am opposed to having
children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it is
nothing but vanity, human vanity." Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA's founder and
president, New Yorker magazine, April 23, 2003

"I am not a morose person, but I would rather not be here. I don't have any
reverence for life, only for the entities themselves. I would rather see a
blank space where I am. This will sound like fruitcake stuff again but at
least I wouldn't be harming anything." Ingrid Newkirk, founder, president
and former national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PeTA), as quoted in Chip Brown, "She's a Portrait of Zealotry in Plastic
Shoes," Washington Post, November 13, 1983, p. B10.

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