Friday, July 10, 2009

OH- City of Fairborn to enforce the ban on pit bulls

Fairborn Enforces No Pit Bull Ordinance

The ordinance banning pit bulls from the city of Fairborn passed in May 2008 and now city officials have decided to enforce it. In an interview posted on the website, City Manager Deborah McDonnell said, "We are asking residents to move the dogs to other locations and find other homes for them."

The city plans to begin the enforcement process by mailing letters to residents who own pit bulls letting them know about the ordinance.

The ordinance defines a pit bull as:
A. an American Pet Bull Terrier;
B. an American Staffordshire Terrier;
C. is an Staffordshire Bull Terrier;
D. displays the majority of physical traits of any one (1) or more of the above breeds;
E. is of mixed breed or of other breed than listed above which breed or mixed breed is know as A pit bull, pit bull dog or pit bull terrier; or
F. exhibits those distinguishing charachterists which substantially conform to the standards established by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club for pit bull dogs or pit bull teriiers.

This same city ordinance (#1171.06, I) states that 5 dogs or cats constitues a kennel and shall be regulated as permitted within the zoning districts specified. This is not 5 INTACT dogs or cats- this is 5 total!!

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kisses said...

This article only talks about cats n dogs.....however this city is making me rehomed my cats because I have two birds as well as two dogs! Im just CONFUSED! Leave it up to Fairborn,Ohio ......AND....YOU WILL BE CONFUSED! SOMEONE please help me understand why I would need to rehome 2 kitty cunbaceats because I ALSO have 2 CAGED animals as well as two toy poodles!?!?