Saturday, April 4, 2009

This was left as a comment on Canada-Ontario's Animal Protection Law The strongest- but this could happen to you!

Hi, my name is Elisa Antonacci and I live in a condominium with my mother and 3 other siblings. We moved in with 2 dogs, cookie and bella. We have currenlty been sent to court to have our dogs removed because they have been deemed a "neusence". We won the first time then lost the second. The court has orderd the dogs to be permently removed; we have no money for lawyers. Bella is safe in a home but before we could find a place for cookie the ospca and a sheriff came to take her away. 5 days later I tried to see cookie but they didn't aloow it. They said that cookie was doing horrible and she wasn't eating and very very terrified. We found a temperary home for her but we are soon to be at the end of our road and dont know what to do. I am very certain that if we do give her up she will die. We are all that she has and all that she knows; we love her with all of our heart and dont know what to do! if you have any input on this situation please help' it would be greatly appreciated.

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