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ALL Breeders are Commercial Breeders according to Wayne Parcelle

Just ask Wayne Pacelle, all breeders are commercial breeders, even show/hobby breeders. From Wayne Pacelle's blog, dated April 1, 2009. The following is taken from his blog:

"This year, with all of the awareness and exposés of puppy mill abuses, there are more reform efforts than ever in the states-from Maine to California, and more than half the states in between. And again, what we get is vitriol and antagonism from zealous dog breeders, silence or opposition from the American Kennel Club on the legislation, and even resistance from a few state veterinary medical organizations." [snip]
"But there is a class of commercial dog breeders out there-apparently, a good number of them who are not even high-volume puppy mills-who raise their voices loudly against any attempt to impose reasonable standards of care for dogs and limits on how large these operations can be. Since they can hardly attack the substance of the legislation-because the provisions are so obviously rational (such as giving the animals an opportunity to exercise, or not forcing them to live on wire flooring their entire lives)-they attack The HSUS, almost unable to restrain themselves. They spew knowingly false things about The HSUS wanting to ban all pet ownership. In the past, in my blog and elsewhere, I've addressed these prevarications, where they take one quote completely out of context from 15 or 20 years ago, and treat that fragmented comment as doctrine, even though there are decades of public statements and action on my part and that of my colleagues that unmistakably celebrate the human-animal bond and The HSUS's vigorous support of pet keeping." [snip]
"The opponents of any and all reform efforts-led by Patti Strand, a board member of the American Kennel Club and a founder of an organization called the National Animal Interest Alliance (supported by the full gamut of fur retailers, trophy hunters, and other animal-abuse industries)-never propose anything positive. They are just naysayers and knee-jerk opponents, and they just want to tear down any law to help animals. They don't advance reform ideas of their own, because the fact is they want no laws to protect animals. In some cases, it's because they operate under the assumption that there's just no problem, or the ludicrous notion that passing a piecemeal reform will inevitably lead to a ban on all breeding. In other cases, it's simple self-delusion or hatred of government regulation.In the face of these desperate and malicious tactics, we will only step up our efforts. We’ll put more resources into the fight, knowing more than ever that we are on the side of right and that God’s creatures need us to stand up for them more than ever.”

-End of Wayne's comments-

If you've never been moved to get personally involved in the fight to protect our rights to own, breed and show dogs of our choosing, I suggest that the time is now!
Wayne's full blog for April 1st can be found here - read it and be very afraid! Take action now!!!

My Personal Comments:
Take note of the red/bolded text in the above blog of Wayne Pacelle’s. According to this blog there are no more hobby breeders. We are a class of commercial dog breeders. Further, most commercial dog breeders are high-volume puppy mills. In one fell swoop of his pen, Wayne Pacelle has eliminated hobby breeders and reclassified us all.Then the scariest part of it all he accuses us of having being self-delusional and/or having a hatred of government regulation.

I don’t know about anyone else out there but I still live in the United States of America, where our forefathers spoke out against over-regulation of/from government. Where we have a Declaration of Independence that states
“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The train of abuses and usurpations are beginning and I am tired of it. This is supposed to be a country of less government not more.
Further the Founding Fathers stated that after petitioning the British government to correct these wrongs and not receiving any redress, it became necessary to Declare their Freedom from the British Government.
They consequently set up a government with Constitutional Rights to guarantee that the government would not usurp our basic freedoms and a petitioning process to redress wrongs and unnecessary laws.
But when we, the people and common citizen of the USA, follow these dictates of Our Founding Fathers in the way to petition unnecessary laws/legislation as set up by our forefathers, we have come up against a Would-Be-Dictator of unending money supply, that demands that we give into them and are wrong to oppose them. Further, we are a group of zealous dog breeders spewing forth vitriol and antagonism because we dare to confront and fight against the legislation that would be dictated on us by an organization as they attempt to lure/con/dictate to the legislators of these state and federal governments (who are elected to office to follow the will of their constituents) to pass their legislation not the legislation of the people. To me this is Dictatorship. This Would-Be-Dictator, Wayne Pacelle, of the Humane Society of the United States, demands that we are self-delusional and have a hatred of governmental regulation.

I stand up and say, “NO, I am NOT SELF-DELUSIONAL and YES, I am AGAINST unnecessary GOVERNMENT REGULATION, especially when there are federal and state laws already covering these areas.”

This country is undergoing drastic changes at this time. It is not a time to sit down at the table and try to come to a compromise. Compromises will not work. Once passed into law and the legislators that did the compromising are no longer in office to protect the law the way it was meant to be, changes come about. It is much harder to rescind a law then to stop legislation, but it is very easy for legislators and lobbyists to change existing laws to fit their design as they see fit.

The calling out of citizens following the constitutional procedures of legislation as desperate and malicious tactics is beyond ludicrous. Wayne Pacelle’s self-proclaimed “calling of God’s” to protect creatures, is a self-justification to fool the religious citizens to think that he is justified to take away the freedom and rights of private citizens. All of mankind was given jurisdiction and ownership of animals not just Wayne Pacelle. Wayne Pacelle is not God’s chosen to see that this is accomplished.

Further, his calling our tactics as desperate and malicious is a furtive attempt to call attention away from the HSUS not having the correct numbers when questioned and leading on the legislators in each state to believe that only the HSUS has the solution. HSUS is the liar in all of this. They have misled the USA citizenship into believing that they are concerned about animals while taking donations from an uninformed public. It is time to put a stop to their coffers profiting from their lies.
This is a time when all citizens that want to have animals in their lives, that they can touch and interact with, or breed and own, to stand up and join the fight. This fight is against not only an organization, but against a man that thinks he has the right to dictate to everyone else how they are to treat property. What they can have and what they cannot. How they are to treat this property and when. To me this sounds an awful lot like a Dictator. And I call him out as such. Wayne Pacelle, you are nothing more than a Would-Be-Dictator that will eventually be overthrown by a Grass-Roots Movement of People that will not lay down and take your politics, your lying, or your self-proclamation of being a savior for animals when you have no desire to even be in physical contact with animals. You dare to try and make your organization, HSUS, into the most powerful organization to dictate to state and federal governments what laws need to be made.

We will fight you to the end, for our Animals, for our Children, FOR OUR RIGHTS OF FREEDOM and OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of a LEGISLATIVE PROCESS FOR THE PEOPLE.CathyM
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