Thursday, January 31, 2008

Veterinarians putting themselves out of business

Get a clueWayne- Vets who join you and the AVAR will only put themselves out of business- or maybe they will have to reslove to some of your tatics such as creating a problem so there is one to fix!


As we noted last week, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR) announced that AVAR is re-forming as a division of the HSUS, to be called the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA). Despite the groups framing the move as a "joining of forces" this is hardly a merger of financial equals: In 2006 IRS filings, the AVAR reported assets of just $308,593 while the HSUS reported assets of $225,735,717. As of this writing, over a week since the move was announced, and despite a separate URL, the HSVMA website is merely a section of the HSUS site, with the HSUS/AVAR announcement, a sign-up page, and some items linking to longstanding articles on the old AVAR website. For those who prefer not to access the HSUS or AVAR websites, a version of their announcement is on the independent website of the publication The Horse at <> ID=11165 The groups' news release and other materials made it clear that HSVA is designed to counter the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) on several fronts. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle blogged: "Veterinarians and veterinary groups should be in the forefront of the animal protection movement. But often times they have not occupied that leadership position. And much to my great disappointment, the leading veterinary organization in the United States, the American Veterinary Medical Association, has often taken positions at odds with animal welfare and proved to be an impediment to social progress for animals. That group, which certainly does have many dedicated staff and members, has gotten off course on a range of subjects and taken stands that favor animal-use industries, not animals." The AVMA posted a question-and-answer page on its website regarding the newly-formed HSVA, what it means for the AVMA, and animal welfare policies of the AVMA. See <> . It begins: "Q: What does this mean for the AVMA? "A: The formation of the HSVMA will not affect the services and representation offered for the veterinary profession by the AVMA. As the recognized voice of the profession, the AVMA will continue its focus on compassion, scientific validity, and practicality in its answers to questions raised in the course of caring for animals. And, as always, the AVMA's answers to those questions, and any related policies and recommendations, will represent the expert input and diverse practice experiences of our members. AVMA members are veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to ensuring and improving animal health and welfare, regardless of whether the animals they care for are companion animals; horses; animals used for food, fiber, or research; wild animals; or aquatic species." Contact AMP for additional information.

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