Monday, January 14, 2008

Animal Rights- Domestic Terrorism

These postings came through one of my lists. In addition to the upcoming fight next Wednesday morning with the Columbia County Commissioners over the new breeding ban kennel law they are now trying to institute, this came upon a national level. A friend of mine informs me she is even fighting a province wide breeding ban they are trying to install in the middle of the interior of British Columbia, Canada, in order to get rid of dog mushers. It is now a worldwide problem. If you send money to the Humane Society Of The United States, which is the funding arm of PETA, ALF and ELF, you are contributing to Animal Rights domestic terrorism and the destruction of your own Constitutional Rights. Go to the websites of any of these organizations if you do not believe me.

Their sole goal is to do away with ALL animal ownership, or as they call it, exploitation and slavery, and turn the entire world into Vegans through incremental legislation. Their aim is to give all animals the same legal rights as human beings. You will never be allowed to own a pet of any kind,and never to use any animal products such as steak, milk, eggs, or leather. They have also opened the first ever Vegan mall in SE Portland. It guarantees all goods and services you can obtain in any of the stores in this mall use no animal products what soever. Their plan is to open thousands of these malls across the USA.

I don't know about you, but I severely object to anyone trying to legislate their cult religion onto me. I call that fascism. These are not warm and fuzzy people, these are terrorists. Get a clue. And don't support them,and DON'T go to, buy, or support this movie for starters.

This is war, folks. It is your inalienable rights versus their cult power over your life. If you think they have some good points, think on this: in 2006 PETA destroyed 97% of the animals turned over to its "rescue"operations. We in the dog community work to support animal welfare, educate the public, and end animal cruelty, but detest these extreme animal rightists.
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