Friday, July 27, 2007

HSUS wants to take control of FEMA's National Disaster Canine Response Teams

HSUS has made big strides in it's efforts to take control of FEMA's National Disaster Canine Response Teams. Now they're soliciting those of us who do/ have done/ want to do SAR, and making available an HSUS sponsorship to cover the costs of training, equipment and deployment travel. HSUS is offering handlers thou$and$ that we ordinarily have to spend out of our own pockets with our search dogs. I'm sure that will attract a lot of people interested in various tracking hobbies.A handler can only apply the training techniques developed by HSUS. (Excuse me, I'm gagging on this...brb.. .) My name must have been pulled from 10-year old county records, as it's been that long since I was active in SAR. HSUS has slyly insinuated itself into FEMA, with the objective of becoming the decision-makers about the deployment of search and rescue dogs, K9 cops, and service dogs in any disaster. Don't ask me what credentials they bring to the table because I haven't seen any document that would qualify them to manage responders, communication, or sites, much less any experience with handling SAR dogs.In addition, HSUS organizers in all states are successfully seducing already-overwhelmed govt agencies into trusting them (HSUS) to determine whether pets can be salvaged following disasters. It's doubtful they'd believe that any animal would pass muster and be worthy of rescuing, wouldn't you agree? I've spoken with the AZ rep several times without letting him know that I'm on to him. Agencies are willing to hand over large chucks of control just to get out from under it themselves. And the reps have palms of honey and lips of gold.These three strategies aren't the only ones in play. Two others that give me chills are 1) statements that they have a very comprehensive agreement with FEMA regarding animals and their ownership during and after disasters; and 2) when you read the fine print about their sponsorship of training, gear, and travel, you discover that you'll be under THEIR command from now on - not the federal, regional, state or local affiliations you presently work with.

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