Thursday, October 8, 2009

TX- SPCA steals livestock while claiming abuse

Community Rallies Around Seized Animals' Owners

The SPCA says the animals were abused, but supporters say the accused is an excellent care giver.

Living things get sick from time to time. If a calf has scours, which is caused by a bacteria or virus- that alone dose not mean the animal is abused. Did any person you know make it through a year without coming down with a cold? Those too are caused by bacteria and viruses. We live in a world full of them.

Chickens that have feather loss? Oh NO! You are kidding! (said in jest)- have you even seen a playground of children with no cuts or scrapes? I hope not- because that is what happens when children interact.

The SPCA is out to steal animals and raise money to end "abuse"- but look carefully- they are the ones doing the abuse- they are abusing power and authority and it is time it is stopped!

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Anonymous said...

I live in NJ, where the MCSPCA law enforcement came in and took all my very valuable Chihuahuas by forcing me to give them up to them with threats of arresting me. After the got my dogs they sold they off to the highest bidder in a matter of days. A private group of citizens with powers to hand out fines, that they will collect of, is a conflict of interest and should not be allowed in America. The NJSPCA, and the ASPCA told me to fight it because they can only take your dogs if you been found guilty first in a court of law first. This is happen all over the U.S. Their are many like mine.