Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep The animal rights out of your Church

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "I have so much to do today that I
should spend the first three hours in prayer."

I've been thinking about that quote a lot lately. I was raised in a
Christian family, and I don't know how I'd get through a day without
prayer. Blessed with good health, wonderful friends, a loving family,
and fabulous dogs - I spend a lot of time giving thanks. I also ask
for the usual things - strength, inspiration, guidance. Lately I've
had to ask the Lord for something new and unexpected - help in keeping
the animal rights industry out of His church.

A friend contacted me last week because her Daily Devotional had a
segment which seemed like a good thing, but was a hook for a very bad
thing. My friend, a devout Christian, knew what she was looking at
because she knows the subversive nature and destructive agenda of the
animal rights (AR) industry. Therefore, she was alarmed to see a link
to the deceptively named "Humane" Society of the United States (HSUS)
in her Daily Devotional. She showed it to me, and asked my opinion on
the other groups with website links on the same page.

My investigation led to a mixture of good news and bad news. Here's
the verdict. Christians need to be more vigilant in guarding the gate.
The animal rights industry, whose hypocrisy knows no bounds, is coming
soon to a church near you. (Check your Daily Devotional, they may have
already infiltrated your place of worship.)

HSUS President/CEO Wayne Pacelle does his homework. He sees that
American farmers are coming together to stand shoulder-to-shoulder
against the animal rights industry. Farmers, now I'm speaking directly
to you. Pacelle knows that you're ten times tougher and more savvy
than the emotional AR cult members that he moves around like pawns on
a chess board. He sees you speaking out against the animal rights
movement. He knows that you are feeling a growing resolve to protect
your families and your future from the destructive rampage of
HSUS-driven laws.

So how does he fight you? How does he undermine you? Wayne Pacelle is
a master of Machiavellian manipulation. There's nothing random about
the fact that HSUS recently conned Rush Limbaugh into recording a
Public Service Announcement endorsing the “Humane” Society of the
United States "outreach to the faith-based community." (Random, no.
Bizarre, yes. There are so many things wrong with that sentence it's
enough to make your head spin.) Rush Limbaugh a spokesman for an
organization that epitomizes overreaching government and destruction
of individual freedoms? Black is white. Up is down. The sun is cold.

But you can bet your bottom dollar there's a method to the madness.

Limbaugh's PSA's for HSUS exploded in his face. Rush has infuriated
and alienated farmers, hunters, fishermen, gun owners, responsible pet
owners and breeders, scientists, doctors, and pretty much anybody who
loves someone battling a dreaded disease (See "The Irreconcilable
Differences of Rush Limbaugh and HSUS" on this Blog.)

Leaving Rush's credibility in smashed and scattered pieces all over
the left side of the road, Wayne Pacelle didn’t even glance in the
rearview mirror. He had what he wanted. And he was in a hurry. There
was a church up ahead with a side door that Rush Limbaugh had opened.

My dear Christian friends, I say this with love and a protective
instinct. When HSUS is reaching out to you, it isn’t because they want
to trade favorite Scripture verses. Picture yourself loaded with
cash, on election day, in a room full of pickpockets and Washington DC
lobbyists. HSUS wants your vote and they want your money (not
necessarily in that order.) Wayne Pacelle knows that Christians,
compassionate by nature, give generously - and in these tough economic
times, he's getting creative.

After all, HSUS is still a little bit shy of $204 million in assets,
and Pacelle has to earn his six-figure salary. Earn it how? Excellent
question. Less than 4% of HSUS income goes to hands-on care of

When I checked out the "Web Sites for Animal Lovers" in my friend's
recent Daily Devotional, three were O.K. But one (as previously
mentioned) was the-worst-of-the-worst of the AR groups - HSUS. The
other was a seemingly harmless website called "MyDogIsCool.com" -
which is a "front" page because it contains a link which takes you to
"Born Free USA" and the "Animal Protection Institute." These are both
radical animal rights industry groups which support HSUS - and
demonize farmers. The websites of these two organizations reveal
clearly the true agenda of the animal rights movement - with
inflammatory language listing the supposed cruelty of even organic and
free-range farms.

And yes, of course, all of the websites of these radical AR groups
relentlessly ask for donations, and encourage viewers to join their
mailing lists - so they can inundate the reader daily with their
propaganda/requests for money.

How do you keep the animal rights industry out of your church? Be
proactive. When I spoke to someone on the editorial staff of my
friend’s Daily Devotional, she had no clue about the true agenda of
the AR industry, until I explained it to her. It was an innocent

(See "Got 50?" on this Blog.) Put the the editor of your Daily
Devotional at the top of your "Get 50” List. Educate this person. It's
important to them to ensure that Daily Devotional content is
appropriate. Be a good shepherd. Help them out by teaching them the
truth about the AR industry - before they inadvertently make the flock
vulnerable to circling wolves.

It’s wonderful to have messages reinforcing and affirming our love of
animals, in faith-based materials. But website links can be fraught
with peril. The safe recommendation any Daily Devotional can make is
to volunteer or donate money directly to your local animal shelter.

Your Friend in the Fight,

Tina M. Perriguey
P.S. After several days of phone calls, I finally spoke to an editor
who is a decision-maker at the parent publishing company of the Daily
Devotional discussed in my article. He was attentive, thoughtful, and
thanked me for an "enlightening conversation." I sent him several
website links, so that he could further educate himself as to the
truth about the animal rights industry. He promised to get back to me
after he had done some reading. I will send an update after I hear
back from him. --TMP

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I think all people concerned about the animal rights industry should watch this video to understand the propaganda these organizations like the Humane Society are spitting out: http//meat.org