Thursday, January 29, 2009

PA- HB 39 Makes ear cropping, debarking, tail docking & dewclaw removal "cruelty"

HB 39

These proceedures may be done by a licensed Veterinarian, but a certificate must accompany the dog stating the procedure was done by a licensed Veterinarian. I sure hope you don't find a nice dog at a shelter with cropped ears, or a docked tail- those papers will most likely not have been surrendered with the dog, and the shelter will forage them to make the dog "legal"


Anonymous said...

If you actually read the wording of the bill you will find that it explicitly states that dogs which were cropped, etc, before the bill is passed will NOT be subject to the penalty.

Anonymous said...

yes and if the dog was purchased out of state where such procedures are allowed with out a veterinarian certificate? what happens to those dogs and their owners?