Monday, July 14, 2008

Save a Life!- Adopt a CHILD- Over population is NOT a dog and cat problem

There is a website called: Save a Life! Adopt a Pet. The catchy little phrase they use is "Don't Breed or Buy While Shelter Animals Die".

I can only hope that NONE of these people have had children of their own. Overpopulation is NOT a dog and cat problem. It is a HUMAN problem. Every year new children enter the Child Welfare system. Every year, children who have "aged out" of public assistance end up in JAIL due to our lack adoption into loving homes.

PEOPLE need loving homes. Animal shelters may euthanize unwanted animals at rates that are distressing- but it is MURDER to euthanize unwanted children. Every year more JAILS are erected to house the results of our failed social efforts.

Adoption of humans is fraught with problems. Every year MILLIONS of dollars are spent by THOUSANDS of Americans on fertility treatments while THOUSANDS of children need to be adopted.

Please visit: and donate your TIME, MONEY and LEGISLATIVE efforts on the REAL overpopulation issue.

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