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National: "Animal Rights" groups Loby to end all dog breeding

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance,
the reasonable voice regarding animal issues in Texas.
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is an animal welfare organization,
not "animal rights" and, yes, there is a difference.
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June 23, 2008

The San Antonio and Dallas animal ordinances were not proposed to actually
address animal problems but are a national "animal rights" legislative
agenda to end all use, breeding and ownership of animals for any reason
including pet ownership. The extremists consider animals and humans to be
equals. Therefore they consider pet ownership to be slavery.

HSUS recently launched their new campaign targeting "puppymills" on the
Oprah Winfrey Show. However the show ignored the fact that there were
already unenforced laws on the books to address the problems shown. HSUS
and other "animal rights" groups consider anyone who breeds a dog to be a
"puppymill." To them there is no such thing as a responsible breeder and
their goal is for purebred dogs and cats to become extinct and eventually
all species of pets. What has sounded incredulous to some over the years
has been proven to be fact today with ordinances similar to CA's original AB
1634 popping up everywhere. RPOA can only say, "We told you so."

For 17 years Responsible Pet Owners Alliance has warned everyone that this
was coming but few believed us -- until now. Texas Humane Legislation
Network (THLN) is a coalition of Texas "animal rights" activists and groups
who do nothing but lobby each year at the state level for their national
legislative agenda. This has been extended to city and county legislation
in recent years. Skip Trimble, chairman of the Dallas Shelter Commission,
is THLN's treasurer and board member.
Two other board members of THLN were the force behind getting San Antonio's
onerous ordinance passed in December: Joel Hailey, San Antonio attorney
with Voice for Animals, and Jef Hale, director of San Antonio's Animal Care

There's proof of HSUS's involvement in the Dallas ordinance at the link
below. Just browse the links and follow the yellow brick road for some eye
opening information: two form emails from SPCA and HSUS; a Dallas
veterinarian's supporting letter for the ordinance (Tony Lopez, DVM, DABVP);
postcards from SPCA mailed to members and HSUS emails sent out. The website
also ties in Metroplex Animal Coalition where donations can be made for
campaign expenses. There are many interesting links. The website falsely
claims 25% of purebred dogs are in shelters. This contradicts the American
Humane Association's quote of approximately 7% purebred dogs and less than
1% purebred cats in shelters.

For more information and to follow t! he links, go to:

HSUS has a regional office in Ft. Worth and a Spay/Neuter Clinic in Dallas.
Jay Sabatucci, HSUS employee, serves as president of the Texas Animal
Control Association. What a web they do weave in Texas! Some years back
SPCA of Texas was the subject of a 20/20 expose on raids and seizures of
dogs that didn't appear to be cruelly treated. The cruelty investigator
from SPCA had a criminal record for a rape conviction and was fired shortly
thereafter. The 20/20 cameraman was actually a veterinarian in real life
who said the animals weren't cruelly treated.

Dallas City Council has some members who are wavering and we MUST have a
good turnout at the Council Meeting Wednesday for the vote!
If you can att! end (whether you speak or not!), email Verjean Lunenschloss at
ver jean.lunenschloss@verizon.net . It is imperative that the Dallas
ordinance be defeated. More information about the ordinance and contact
info for city officials is on our website:

Check out the Extreme-Animal-Rights Blog at the URL:
OR Tiny URL:

For some time RPOA has noticed security is lax around crating areas at dog
shows. Dogs in crates should never be left unattended. Another blog
regarding protests at the July 3-6 dog show and calling breeders/murderers
of shelter dogs is at:
Or Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/5gdqgw

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