Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PA- Can't run loose, can't tether (in SC can't even pen them up)

PENNSYLVANIA Home Page: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/

HB1065 - A tethering bill that delivers consequences to dog owners who abuse their pets. The bill calls for owners to take their dogs inside between 10 pm and 6 am. It restricts how long you can restrain your dog during the day. If you're caught breaking the law he fine is $300, and your dog could be taken away. State Representative Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) has decided to sponsor the bill, after hearing about some horrific stories of dogs abused across the Commonwealth. The tethering bill is in committee right now, it still has to go to the House for approval.

Bristol - The borough council will pursue a zero tolerance approach to loose dogs running around town for fear of an attack on a child playing outdoors."It's a time bomb waiting to happen," council President Ralph DiGuiseppe said at Monday's council meeting. The borough has asked state Rep. John Galloway, D-140, to push for a stricter state law against attacking dogs. The current law gives attacking dogs a second chance."Our hands are tied because its state legislation," DiGuiseppe said. "We need to muzzle dogs and protect the people of Bristol. We need to go on the offense and pass legislation in Harrisburg. Something must be done." "The state has to change," said Councilwoman Betty Rodriguez. DiGuiseppe is considering adopting a local ordinance even though dog regulations are under the state's jurisdiction. Borough solicitor William Salerno warned the council that Bristol can't create a law stricter than the state's, but DiGuiseppe said he's ready to fight the state in court if it challenges a local dog ordinance.

Harrisburg - State Rep. Bill Kortz (D-38) wants to give pet owners a little more time to find their lost pooch. The state official proposed adjusting Pennsylvania's dog laws. The first bill adjusts the minimum holding period before animals are given up for adoption or euthanized. The second deals with euthanization methods. Kortz said several constituents came to him, explaining their issues with dog catchers.


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