Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PA- an amendment to include spay/neuter

SB 1101 By Senators BROWNE, LOGAN, PUNT, WASHINGTON, RAFFERTY and DINNIMAN. Read the whole thing


*(this is just the begining of this SB- go read the whole thing)*

1 Amending the act of December 7, 1982 (P.L.784, No.225),
2 entitled, as amended, "An act relating to dogs, regulating
3 the keeping of dogs; providing for the licensing of dogs and
4 kennels; providing for the protection of dogs and the
5 detention and destruction of dogs in certain cases;
6 regulating the sale and transportation of dogs; declaring
7 dogs to be personal property and the subject of theft;
8 providing for the abandonment of animals; providing for the
9 assessment of damages done to animals; providing for payment
10 of damages by the Commonwealth in certain cases and the
11 liability of the owner or keeper of dogs for such damages;
12 imposing powers and duties on certain State and local
13 officers and employees; providing penalties; and creating a
14 Dog Law Restricted Account," further providing for spaying or
15 neutering as condition for release of certain animals; and
16 repealing certain provisions relating to sterilization of
17 dogs and cats.

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