Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is your Politician listening to PETA?

PETA is ratcheting up our campaign against cat and dog breeders, and this beautiful billboard (saying Breeders KILL shelter dog's chances) in New York is the first of a number of strong statements you can look for over the next few months designed to remind people that buying animals from breeders or pet stores when millions are dying in shelters is, simply put, irresponsible and cruel. Of course, the real villains here are the breeders themselves. Not only are these people directly contributing to the animal overpopulation epidemic in this country—they’re also making a tidy profit out of it (in case it’s not immediately clear, I don’t have an awful lot of sympathy for animal breeders). There’s some more information on this topic here, and I’ll keep you posted as this campaign progresses—we’ve got some great stuff on the way ...

This is from PETA's website. Are YOU contacting your local, state, and Fed. politicians to tell them the REAL story?

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